Social Responsibility

It's no secret that creating a functioning business in Lithuania's regions is a challenge. We are pleased that we have been able to maintain jobs for the region's people for so many years. It is because of this initiative that back in 2015, the Mayor of Pakruojis District Municipality awarded our company for business development in rural areas, and in 2017 the Šiauliai Territorial Labour Exchange presented a letter of appreciation for creating new jobs in the area with the highest unemployment.

In addition to our social responsibility towards our people, we try to pay a close attention on the ways to reduce the CO2 footprint:

  • We no longer use gas to heat space and domestic water. Gas boilers have been kept in reserve and modern wood-chip water heating boilers are used to generate heat.
  • Much of the electricity used in our business is generated by two solar power plants on the roofs of our buildings. This method to gain electricity reminds us of the physicist-chemist who lived and worked here in Žeimelis area - Teodoras Grothusas (1785 - 1822). He was the first in the world to introduce the theory of electrolysis and the foundations of photochemistry.

Whenever possible, we also contribute our resources to local community initiatives. For several years now, we have been supporting art plein-air workshops organised by the Ziemgala Museum by providing accommodation for the participants of the workshops.