About Us

JSC "Žeimelio trikotažas" is a Lithuanian capital company providing jersey knitting, garment sewing, accommodation, warehousing and logistics services in the northern Lithuanian town of Žeimelis.

The history of our activities is short, but we hope that it will perfectly complement the history of Žeimelis, which is already more than 520 years old, with its own facts and episodes.

The decision to start a knitting and sewing business in this area was largely due to the town's historical links with technology. The Agricultural School in Žeimelis, which has been operating since 1926, has provided the region with countless mechanics, harvesters and drivers, and taught many local residents the skills of locksmithing, metal welding and other farm work. So, when we were looking for a location to relocate the knitting factory we bought in Sweden to Lithuania, the town of Žeimelis had a number of advantages - it could offer motivated and skilled mechanics and workers who were willing to learn the art of knitting jersey. The town also had an excellent infrastructure - natural gas, water supply, sewage systems, internet etc. In addition to all the technological advantages, the town was also ready to take care of the children of the workers - it has a kindergarten, a gymnasium and even a branch of the Šiauliai Dawn Museum. Not to mention the rich hystory of the Catholic and Lutheran houses of worship.

The company started in 700 m2 , but is currently rapidly setting up in the former Žeimelis School of Technology and Services, which is at least ten times more spacious. The lease agreement allows for production and other activities there for at least 10 years.

The knitting house is rapidly expanding in the building that was used to teach apprenticeship work. There is enough space to store raw materials there as well. The former classrooms have been transformed into a fairly modern sewing factory, and some of the premises are being adapted for the sale of products produced both in Žeimelis itself and in other companies. More than 50 employees have well-equipped workplaces, relaxation and dining areas and a well-kept environment. For those working in Žeimelis or travelling through the country, we offer accommodation in a renovated former student dormitory.

"Žeimelio trikotažas" has not yet introduced super-new technological solutions to the clothing industry, but those who wear Thermowave, Craft, Swix, Ulvang or any other world-famous and popular brands feel that they are made by responsible people who love and know their work.