Knitting of knitted fabrics on circular machines

In the five years since its establishment, the company has rented or bought around 30 different types of round knitting machines, which it uses to knit fabrics for Lithuanian and Latvian customers. The company's efforts are aimed at helping brands, designers and manufacturers to develop innovative materials. The company currently operates round knitting machines in 30 and 26 inch diameter, 18, 20, 24 and 28 knitting classes, knitting in plain cross, lastic, interlock, jacquard and derived weaves. The choice of weave, knitting pattern and raw materials depends on the customer's requirements. The yarns used are based on merino wool, cotton, hemp, various viscose or polyester fibres, and polyester and polypropylene multi-strand textured yarns. After knitting, the fabrics are taken to dyeing and finishing sites, where they are given their final appearance and characteristics after a complex technological process.

Sewing of lightweight knitted garments

A small sewing factory with around 30 employees can produce lightweight jersey garments for winter sports and athleisure. Attention to the quality goods, attractive production time and a responsible approach to every order enables us to be competitive and recognised among the best.

Storage service

The 1000 m2 renovated premises are perfectly suited for the safe storage of bulky items.

We have facilities for the storage or maintenance of textiles and accessories and similar goods.

Accommodation service

The well-maintained accommodation block, formerly used by pupils of the agricultural school, is used to accommodate workers from other areas of Lithuania and visitors.

In total, we can offer 48 beds. 

On the ground floor there are four rooms for 4 or 5 people. These rooms are equipped with blankets, pillows, towels and bed linen, toilets and showers.

Second and third floor rooms are quadruple or quintuple rooms with toilets. These rooms do not have a shower - you can use a shared shower on the ground floor. These rooms have blankets and pillows, but no bed linen or towels.

There is also a shared kitchenette on the ground floor.

Branded outlet store

In the branded Žeimelio trikotažas outlet you can find a wide range of jersey and other products for the whole family. For women, we offer a wide range of dresses, blouses, trousers and underwear for summer and winter seasons. For men, we can offer not only knitted underwear and second layer garments, but also shirts, suits and trousers for more formal occations. For children, we offer excellent wool and cotton products.

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